Prof. Michael Thomas - Chairman of EJC PISE
Prof. Michael Thomas - Chairman of EJC-PISE

The European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering - EJC/PISE is a group of elected European experts being active in the field of plasma and ion surface engineering. The selection of members takes into account the need to achieve geographic and technical balance across Europe.

The task of the organization is the promotion of scientific and technical cooperation between scientists, engineers and technicians from research and industry in the field of plasma and ion assisted surface treatment and coating processes.

The EJC/PISE is understood as

  • a forum which provides the possibility of meeting and information exchange to all interested experts
  • a commission which coordinates the cooperation between research, development and application
  • a promoter for plasma and ion surface engineering

Since the plasma and ion assisted surface treatment and coating is an interdisciplinary field the EJC/PISE aims to bring together the different basic science and engineering experts and to realize a close cooperation in form of a joint committee.

The EJC/PISE is responsible for the scientific program of the International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering (PSE) taking place every two years in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

The present chairman of the EJC/PISE is Prof. Michael Thomas. He is the head of the department “Atmospheric Pressure Processes” of the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig (Germany).